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A breeder and kennel can register under the ICGD.  A form shall be filled up online, and some proofs of identification will be required.  The kennel and breeder will be placed under a list on one of the website pages, and their icon or link can be clicked by anyone who visits, and will be brought to that kennel or breeder’s website, Facebook page, or whatever social media pages the breeder wishes.  That way, people looking to find a breeder of a particular breed of dog can interact directly with the breeders of his choice any time he likes.  This will benefit the kennel owner/breeder, as well as those who are looking for dogs or pups to buy (potential customers). 


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"Dog Registrations require you to be a member of ICGD beforehand as this service is exclusively given to ICGD members only. We have automatically added the membership to your cart for your convenience. Remove the item before checkout if you are an existing member already. "

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