We came up with a system to categorize the puppies we produce.  Keep in mind that we are a working dog company, and our breeding program is geared towards producing the best utility K9s.  We do not care much about purebrededness or PCCI/ACKUPI papers, Championship of sports titles, and "red/green marks".  We care about if the dog will be able to save lives and effectively serve it's purpose of work.


CLASS A:  These are top-of-the-line in terms of genetics/parentage (usually direct offspring <not just great grandpups!> of our working Superdogs that have adequately proven themselves in real, daily work of multiple hours a day with their K9 handlers in the field), have potential for serious work (dual purpose: detection and protection), have excellent overall health, appearance, soundness, temperament.

Price:  P35,000 (VAT-inclusive)

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CLASS B:  Respectable genetics, has potential for serious work, though not as hard as those in Class A (perhaps has potential only for a single purpose <protection or detection>, or it may have less endurance or work ethic than those in Class A but still at an acceptable level), good in all other aspects.

Price:  P25,000 (VAT-inclusive) 

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CLASS C:  Good genetics (we do not breed dogs that have bad genetics), but has little to no potential for serious work.  Good only as pet and companion, and perhaps as a family guard/watch dog.  Good health, soundness, and temperament.

Price:  P15,000 (VAT-inclusive)

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Those of lesser quality, we just give away to eligible, qualified adopters.



We have written guarantees for all dogs we sell for upto 1 year for health, soundness, and quality.  We issue Official Receipts on all purchases, and pay our fair share of taxes and government licenses/registrations.  All our employees are paid at least the minimum wages with complete required benefits and are insured with medical.  We are proud that our Superpups and Superdogs have been placed all over the country and have been exported to many other countries around the world including foreign K9 service contractors and government K9 institutions.  We are very honored to have received many awards over the years from multiple award-giving bodies as the Philippines #1 K9 Breeding and Training Center.