The aim of Manalo K9 has always been to produce Superdogs that can serve humans in a variety of ways. Our Superdogs have been carefully selected, bred, and trained to produce only the best - dogs with superior genetics, superior training, and a whole lot of love and care along the way. They are thus capable of performing a variety of tasks, from protecting a family to detecting dogs and keeping the population safe.

We have been producing Superdogs for over a decade and have produced thousands for security purposes and personal purposes. So whether you are looking for puppies for sale in the Philippines or dogs available for adoption, why not choose to have a Superdog of your very own? Call (+632) 8645 7530 today!

Manalo K9 Superpuppy Classifications

We have a system in place to categorize the puppies we produce who are available for sale. As a working dog company, a dog’s skill in being able to save lives and serve humans is more important to us than purebrededness or “red/green marks”. Our breeding program is solely geared towards producing the best utility K9s, which is something you may find in our puppies for sale. We provide written guarantees for all our dogs for up to 1 year on all matters considering their health, soundness, and quality.

Puppies that do not qualify for any of the 3 classes are put up for adoption to eligible and qualified individuals or families.

Class A Superpuppies - Top-of-the-line Working Dogs Perfect for both Detection & Protection

These are top-of-the-line puppies in terms of genetics and parentage. They are usually the direct offspring of our working Superdogs that have proven themselves in real daily work as part of K9 teams in the field. These puppies have:

  • Great potential for serious work in detection and protection
  • Excellent overall health and appearance
  • Soundness and wonderful temperament

P35,000 (VAT-inclusive)

Class B Superpuppies - Intermediate Working Dogs Perfect for Detection or Protection

While their potential for serious work is slightly lower than puppies in Class A, Class B puppies have:

  • Enough working potential for a single purpose in either protection or detection
  • Strong work ethic
  • Great overall health and appearance
  • Soundness and the right temperament

P25,000 (VAT-inclusive)

Class C Superpuppies - Pet Dogs Perfect for Family, Personal Companion & Kids Friendly

Manalo K9 never breeds dogs with bad or poor genetics. Instead, Class C puppies simply have little to no potential to succeed as a serious working dog. They are great as pets and companions and some may be trained to be good family guard dogs. They have:

  • A pleasant temperament
  • Good health and appearance

P15,000 (VAT-inclusive)

Call (+632) 8645 7530 today to arrange a meeting with our puppies!

Frequently Asked Questions

Buy a Superpuppy

Our Superpuppies at Manalo K9 are guaranteed to grow into some of the best dogs in the world. This is because they all come from the reputable and field-proven genetic stock of our working Superdogs.

So, whether you are looking for a high-class working puppy with our Class A puppies, a mid-range puppy perfect for protection work with our Class B puppies, or if you’re just looking for a sweet-tempered companion with our Class C dogs, we can guarantee that they will all show the true essence of a Manalo K9 Superdog.

Class A

Meet the rest of our Class A Superpuppies!

Class B

Meet the rest of our Class B Superpuppies!

Class C

Meet the rest of our Class C Superpuppies!

Adopt a Superdog

For various reasons, we also have Superdogs up for adoption in the Philippines. These are dogs who can no longer work as serious working dogs and thus need a caring and loving home to take them in. Open up your home to one of our sweet Superdogs.

Hardworking Superdogs are what hardworking people deserve. Call us today to book an appointment - (+632) 8645 7530!