Dog Registration

A kennel or breeder can then register his pups and dogs under the DOG REGISTRY, just like with the usual dog registries.  He can also request a hardcopy of the certificate for a minimal fee.  He can do this online.  Transfers can also be done online, if the puppy or dog is bought by a new owner and he wishes to have the name of the dog transferred to his own name.  Payments can also be done online.

Registering a dog may be accompanied by photos and videos that can be placed in a Gallery of the individual dog or pup.  Microchip numbers, DNA profiles, vaccination cards, other documents, may also be included in the dog’s information.  This will definitely increase the authenticity of the individual dog’s legitimacy, and should give a greater reason for buyers to trust that the dog is really the one registered, not swapped.  Having just a PCCI paper cannot achieve that. 

New Breeds / Crossbreed / Hybrid / Mixed Breed Registration

Anybody with any sort of dog can register under the ICGD.  New breeds may be registered by a NEW BREED DEVELOPER, as a starting database for the breed that he wants to establish.  It is easier to develop a new breed than many people imagine.  We will come up with a video or separate informational page to explain what needs to be done.  For example, the PHILIPPINE ASO PROJECT will definitely flourish under this database.  For those who are not aware of this project yet, it aims to establish the first purebred dog of the Philippines, which is a country without a recognized purebred dog as of yet.  It will also favor the establishment of the SUPERDOG breed, which is a breed that is based on performance rather than strict focus on looks.  It is probably the very first breed of dog with a breed standard that is based primarily on performance rather than phenotypic parameters.  

People with mongrels may also register their dogs and receive certificates.  

A breeder with a certain dog, a Belgian Malinois, for example, who wants to breed his dog with a German Shepherd, for example, may do so and register the litter this pairing produces.  The puppies will have certificates indicating all the necessary information, and will be registered as BELGIAN MALINOIS x GERMAN SHEPHERD HYBRIDS, in this instance.


Kennel and Breeder Registration

A breeder and kennel can register under the ICGD.  A form shall be filled up online, and some proofs of identification will be required.  The kennel and breeder will be placed under a list on one of the website pages, and their icon or link can be clicked by anyone who visits, and will be brought to that kennel or breeder’s website, Facebook page, or whatever social media pages the breeder wishes.  That way, people looking to find a breeder of a particular breed of dog can interact directly with the breeders of his choice any time he likes.  This will benefit the kennel owner/breeder, as well as those who are looking for dogs or pups to buy (potential customers).