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With over a decade of experience providing superb training to dogs, you can trust that your dog will be in the best and most capable hands possible when you choose the Manalo K9 Training Camp. Manalo K9 Technologies International offers dog training courses in obedience, protection, and specialized training that meet international standards for dog training.

Manalo K9 Training Principles include: Bridging the communication gap, Bonding, Positive approach & Physical/verbal correction. We strongly believe that these principles bring out the best not only to the dogs but also to the owners as well.

Dog Training Courses Offered

Superdog Basic Obedience Training

This is the most basic and popular course we offer for dog owners who want a stable, obedient, and well-behaved family pet. This 1 month-long course teaches dogs basic commands, proper positioning and posture, and the correct timing and consistency when given a command. Let us transform your companion dog into your very own Personal Superdog! Read more... 

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Superdog Advanced Obedience Training

For dogs with special capabilities, our Basic Obedience course may not be enough. Our Advanced Obedience course combines everything in the Basic Obedience course with more complex demands like how to retrieve and carry items, off-leash obedience, obedience from a distance, hand signal responses, and practical agility. This 3 months-long course is perfect for owners who want their dogs to meet their full potential! Read more...

Superdog Basic Protection Training

Being a protection dog for you and your family is a specialized skill that dogs cannot naturally learn, even if they do come from a working or herding dog breed. This month-long course will teach your dog the basic skills of being a great protection dog, including protection commands and bite development. Your dog will earn the necessary skillset to become a great Protection Superdog for you and your family! Read more... 

Superdog Advanced Protection Training

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This tailor-fit course is based on US Patrol Dog Training and is meant to transform dogs into Protection Superdogs who are equipped for serious K9 protection work. This 3 months-long course will teach a dog everything in the Basic Protection course, as well as off-leash control, hand-signal responses, target engagement, and hostile searches. Because the course is highly specialized, we screen every applicant before a dog is accepted. Read more...

Explosives Detection

To be able to completely train a dog in all the skills and commands necessary to be an effective explosives Detection Superdog, we have put together this comprehensive course that lasts 4 months. We combine international knowledge and training with our own experience and knowledge to put together a course that teaches both practical skills like odor recognition and search patterns as well as drive building and hunt development. By offering both field experience to all our trainees, we can guarantee an effective training. Read more... 

Narcotics Detection

We have partnered with Scentlogix, the world’s best cutting-edge K9 training aid company, to bring this intensive course to the Philippines. Over the course of 4 months, dogs will learn how to detect a variety of illegal drugs, the right search

Advanced Dog Protection
patterns, and develop drive building. When the training has completed, the dog will be ready to do the job with efficiency and skill. To find out if your dog is a good fit for this course, we can perform a free evaluation. Read more...


Tracking and trailing is a specialized and useful skillset that we can teach to your dog. Your dog will go through hunt development and learn odor recognition and scent imprinting and how to follow a track to the source. This course takes 4 months. Read more...

Search and Rescue

Our Search and Rescue course is a 4 month-long course that we can customize to fit our client’s needs. We teach the dog confidence, familiarization, odor recognition and how to imprint on a human scent, and how to follow a track to the source. Through our rigorous proofing phase, the dog will be able to execute commands perfectly no matter what kind of distraction is present. Read more...

TRAINING INCLUSIONS: Included With Every Course

    1. Boarding - All dogs at the Manalo K9 Training Camp are guaranteed boarding during the course’s duration.
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      Our kennels have a 6ftx6ft floor area, with 7ft high ceilings. We also have smaller elevated cages at 4ftx3ft floor area with ceilings 4ft tall. 
    2. Regular Exercise
    3. Regular baths with Superdog Soap
    4. Two daily check-ups using our Routine Kennel Inspection System
    5. A Certificate of Completion is awarded to those who have successfully completed the course
    6. A printed Module for Training is provided to allow our clients to review everything that the dog has learned
    7. Free Lifetime Refresher Training - To ensure that the dogs retain the training and skills they have learned, we provide refresher training to all of our clients for free.

Manalo K9 Superdog Training Phases

PHASE 1: Conditioning and Imprinting Phase

In the first 2 to 3 weeks that your dog is with us, they will learn the different commands and desired responses for those commands. It is a crucial part of the training process that slowly introduces the dog to the commands to ensure they learn it in the right way that benefits their development.

PHASE 2: Practice Phase

In the second phase of our training process, we allow the dog practice time to go over and absorb all the training commands. We repeatedly give commands and allow the dog to execute the command until the responses become quick and automatic. We also check that the proper posture and positioning are inculcated at this time.

PHASE 3: Proofing Phase

This phase of training is an important one that many less experienced or uneducated trainers miss. We put the dog through various sequences of commands in different locations and scenarios and make the necessary adjustments to make the dog obey and perform reliably.

PHASE 4: Transfer of Commands (TOC)

Once the dog has been sufficiently trained in all the commands, we execute the transfer of commands (TOC) to the dog’s owner. At Manalo K9, it is always dog first, human second. This is to eliminate any confusion and save time because once the dog has been properly trained, it will be much easier for the owner to manage the dog. The transfer of commands is not done abruptly, and we require that both dog and owner go through our TOC sessions with one of our trainers.



It is important to remember that humans are from one species (Homo​ sapiens), and dogs are from another (Canis​ lupus​ familiaris). Each species sees their world differently, uses the senses in varying degrees and manner, and expesses themselves in uniquely diverse ways. Therefore, there exists a communication gap that needs to be bridged if harmony and cooperation should exist. Unless dog owners and trainers truly appreciate that and use this understanding to their advantage, there shall be errors in training methodology, confusion, frustration, and despair on both ends of the leash.


Manalo K9's Superdog Training is based on bonding and trust. The trainer spends the first few days with the dog bonding with him/her and gaining his/her trust. It is important to treat every dog as individuals, and respect their particular personalities.


A dog learns faster if it is rewarded for good behavior. If a dog is bonded to its trainer, a verbal reward ("Good!"; some use 'clickers' in place of this verbal marker, but using a verbal marker is actually more convenient) and touch/stroke at proper places in the proper amount and duration and intensity is enough to establish wanted responses or behavior. Food treats and toys have their place in training, especially when training for detection and tracking, but a good companion dog or protection dog does not need food or toys to obey or work for someone who has established the proper bond with him/her. A good companion or protection dog will obey and perform even without a bribe from its handler/ owner apart from a rub or a praise marker.


Some people have the idea that corrections are bad. However, a trained dog that has been trained in a purely positive approach (reward-based training) will not be 100% reliable.

The dog has to respect the authority of his handler/ owner and know that he is not allowed to disobey a command even if there is stimuli that might make him want to do otherwise. Therefore, a proper amount and type of physical and verbal correction is required.

A dog that is trained to obey for food treats would stop obeying a command if he/she has found something else that is more exciting for him/her than the food treat, such as a cat, for example. Each dog has a different correction threshold and should be given just the right amount of it to produce a response and nothing more. The goal is to condition the correction into a purely verbal one.

Corrections are also necessary in the Proofing stage of training, where distractions are introduced and the dog is placed in situations that would test his reliability to obey. A training collar, when used intelligently by a professional, is a great way to give the right correction needed.

A dog that is hurt during training will show a form of avoidance, a sure-fire way to check if unnecessary force was inflicted on the dog by an uneducated "dog trainer". A dog that is trained right is a happy dog.

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