Importance of Registering Your Dog:

If you are a simple dog owner: Registering your dog will get you a Registration Certificate and a pedigree records system account for your dog, where you can upload your dog's information, identifications, records, certifications, etc. You can establish a documented ownership of your dog, and you may share your dog's account link to anyone you want over the internet/ social media.

Step by Step Process in Registering Your Dog

1. Make sure to go through the ORDER PROCESS first thru our website and settle payment via this link.

2. Take note of your order number.

3. Proceed with the Online Application Form below.

4. Prepare all the information and complete it as much as you can so we can provide you with the best database of your dog.


Please complete the information as much as possible. Leave them blank if the information is unknown. It is our obligation to guarantee that all information that we will be publising are verified to the best of our knowledge. Each application will go through the verification process. We appreciate your understanding.