Is your family in need of a trained and skilled protection dog? Even dogs who come from herding or working breeds will not know how to protect you or your property without learning the basic protection skills needed for the job. At Manalo K9, we cover all the basics needed to transform your ordinary dog into a capable Protection Superdog!

To make sure the course is as effective as possible, we screen all applicants to ensure their suitability to this course.

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Course duration: One (1) month

Your dog will learn:

  • Familiarization with heights, other animals and humans, different terrain, and various environments
  • How to build confidence
  • Bite development
  • Behaviors particular to protection dogs
  • Protection commands like Alert, Watch, Bite, Hold, and Out

As the owner, you will learn:

  • Principles of Protection Training
  • Proper communication with your protection dog
  • Basics of dog psychology
  • Proper dog handling for full control of your Protection Superdog
  • How to control a dog through voice and hand signals

Also included in the package:

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  1. Upon request, our trainers at Manalo K9 can also help dog owners in familiarization, stabilization, and socialization of their dogs with people, other dogs, other animals, heights, fire, vehicles, public places, and water or currents. 
  2. Upon request, Manalo K9 will also help with toilet-training/potty-training your dog.
  3. Upon request, Manalo K9 can also correct bad habits such as unwanted aggression, jumping, excessive barking, and destructive biting and digging.
  4. All dogs in our care are taken care of through our standard maintenance guarantees, including comfortable boarding, high-quality food, weekly baths, and daily check-ups.
  5. For dogs who successfully complete the Basic Obedience course, a Certificate of Completion (Diploma) is awarded. 
  6. Upon release of the dog from our care, all owners receive a printed copy of our Module for Training to have quick access to all the things the dog has learned under Manalo K9. 
  7. For all clients, we guarantee FREE lifetime refresher training for any dog that may have forgotten some of the commands that were taught to them. Only Manalo K9 offers such a guarantee, which should tell you a lot about the confidence we have in our training courses. 
  8. All training transactions are secured by a written contract and all payments made are issued Official Receipts
What are the requirements to enroll?

Available Payment Terms: 

Plan A: Easy Installments
P17,500 upon enrollment of your dog, P17,500 after the Transfer of Commands
Plan B: Cash Payment
P35,000 upon enrollment of your dog


Call (+632) 8647 1356 today to learn more about our Basic Protection Course.

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