Manalo K9 handlers have the enviable reputation of being professional, well-equipped, knowledgeable, and dependable. For people who are up to the task of becoming a certified K9 handler, we offer a 2-month course that will teach a student everything they need to know to become a service-oriented and world-class K9 handler to carry out various K9 services.

Are you dedicated to becoming a skilled and excellent K9 handler? Find out how to apply to this prestigious program by calling (+632) 8695 9282.


Manalo K9’s program has been designed to be the most effective and thorough K9 handler course in the country. We require all students to stay within the premises of the 2.4-hectare training center during the training period. Assessing the character and attitudes of all our potential handlers is important to us, and we believe we are best able to do this by seeing how a student interacts and lives with other students. Emergency leaves may be permitted on a case-to-case basis.

The program is heavily made up of hands-on practical work. We believe that work can teach more than lectures in this field and training goes on no matter the kind of weather outside. We sometimes have 100 dogs on-site and students get to learn how to handle dogs of different attitudes, breeds, sizes, and temperaments. Students of the program do many kinds of training activities, such as:

  • Strength-building exercises
  • Daily kennel cleaning
  • Maintaining the training center
  • Caring for dogs and puppies
  • Assisting with medical treatments
  • Assisting in various training assignments (such as decoy work or puppy development)
  • Problem-solving
  • Performing in different scenarios
  • Learning security protocols

It is a truly value-packed and well-rounded course. There are also many off-site training days, where the students and their dogs go to urban areas, commercial settings, forests, etc. to develop the training.

Course duration: 2 months (students may finish earlier or be asked to extend, depending on their performance)

Training days: Mondays to Saturdays (Sundays are given as days off and students may leave the training center upon the discretion of the Senior Trainer; Holidays are not given as days off)

Training hours: Usually from 0600H to 1800H (12 hours), depending on the activities assigned

Program Fee

P20,000 (VAT inclusive)

Your fee can also be paid through a salary deduction when you successfully complete the program, but a student must sign and have notarized an exclusivity contract stating that they cannot be a handler for any company other than Manalo K9 within two (2) years after they separate from Manalo K9 nor directly or indirectly compete with Manalo K9 in the businesses we are in.

This fee includes:

  • Basic accommodation
  • Use of water and electricity for basic personal needs (the use of appliances has a separate charge)
  • Training materials and equipment
  • Cooking is allowed but food will have to be sourced from outside. All students are expected to bring sufficient money for their own personal needs for the duration of their stay.


Students are required to wear the prescribed handlers’ uniform during training and are required to be well-groomed and clean-cut at all times. You will also have to bring your own rain gear, a heavy-duty nylon dog collar for large dogs, and a 6-foot long non-metal leash.


All students are taught the necessary precautions in dealing with dogs before they are allowed to handle our dogs. However, dog bites are a normal hazard of the work we do. A waiver is thus signed upfront and any medical cost that a student incurs during training shall be at their own expense and responsibility. We also require that contact persons be chosen before the training begins.

Pass or Fail

Our trainers will determine if a student will pass or fail based on:

  • Their performance in training
  • A written examination
  • A series of evaluations with their K9 partner

At any time during the training, a student may be asked to leave the course for reasons such as weak health, failure to follow instructions, a bad attitude, laziness, an unprofessional demeanor, and dishonesty. A notice to leave is considered a fail.


A Basic K9 Handler Certificate of Completion is awarded to deserving individuals upon completion of the course. A Dog Care Certificate is also awarded after training. These are the two requirements to apply for a K9 Handler license with the PNP-SOSIA.

A certificate from Manalo K9 bears a certain prestige. Manalo K9 handlers are known to be some of the best handlers in the business. Our handlers have also been able to pass evaluations from international agencies like the US Department of Defense. It is thus a valuable piece of documentation to be awarded a Certificate of Completion from Manalo K9.

K9 Handlers' License

A K9 Handler License is required before you can start working professionally as a handler in the field. For successful students who complete the course, we can assist you in the process of acquiring the license from the PNP-SOSIA. You will have to pay the appropriate fees and pass their evaluations. We also offer a salary deduction plan for students who plan to join the Manalo K9 Handler Team.

Application Requirements

  • Resume/Bio-Data - Include at least five (5) character references
  • Medical Certificate - Applicant must be certified as physically fit to ensure long hours of hard work with no communicable or serious diseases
  • At least 5’6” in height
  • Diploma - Must be at least a high school graduate
  • NBI Certificate - No criminal case or record
  • Negative Drug Test Certificate - Applicant must have no history of drug abuse including alcoholism
  • NSO Birth Certificate - Male and female applicants accepted
  • Recommendation Letter - At least one (1) ensuring a good attitude and pleasing personality with high moral standards

Please bring all these requirements to our Training Center during working hours and look for Senior Trainer Bogs. You will also have to pass an initial interview with our trainers. You do not need to bring your own dog.

Once you have submitted the requirements and passed the interview, you may move in to start training immediately.

Call (+632) 8695 9282 if you want to learn more about our K9 Basic Training Course.