At Manalo K9 Technologies International, we know and appreciate the very important role dogs play in our lives and in this society. As loyal and loving companions, as capable protectors, and as highly-intelligent agents who keep us safe. We believe that there is a better course of action to train and care for dogs in a way that nourishes the very special relationship we have with them and help humanity as a whole. Dedication and skill are what has made us the foremost authority in providing reliable K9 security teams and in training dogs in a variety of breed-specific courses. Armed with proven results and a strong ethical backbone, we can guarantee honest, reliable, and consistent results for all our clients.

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About Manalo K9

Our Story

Manalo K9 Technologies International’s long and accomplished history begins in 1996, when a young college student first becomes interested in a friend’s pet Rottweiler. Dr. Abel Manalo was a student at the University of the Philippines Los Baños studying Veterinary Medicine at the time, so his interest in and love for animals had always been there. But it wasn’t until he first saw his friend’s new pet that he became particularly interested in pure-bred dogs. Intrigued, he bought his own Rottweiler and it kicked off his fascination with not just owning, but breeding, more pure-bred dogs with exceptional qualities. He registered his dog breeding hobby under the Philippine Canine Club, Inc. (PCCI) under the kennel name ACME and it flourished from there.

In 2007, Dr. Manalo opened up and officially registered the Manalo Pet Shop. The Manalo Pet Shop was mostly interested in breeding high-quality and capable talented puppies. But when Dr. Manalo started training his dogs on the side, that became more interesting and attractive to clients. It became so profitable that it was moved to a bigger 2.2 hectares facility in 2008 and eventually became Manalo K9 Technologies International, the well-reputed K9 service and dog training company it is today.

Our dog training courses have had a wealth of success in producing well-trained and skilled dogs, and we are proud to offer such a broad range of courses that ensure breed-specific training for dogs to become Manalo K9 Superdogs of your very own! From our Basic Obedience course to our Narcotics Detection course, we can guarantee that every dog to go through our program comes out of it a superb Superdog - a dog with abilities and characteristics that rise above the rest. We have provided K9 teams for international and local clients alike, and we are proud to be the chosen provider of K9 teams for Okada Manila and Solaire Resort & Casino. With over a decade of experience producing effective and reliable K9 teams, Manalo K9 is a name you can trust in safety and security.

Manalo K9 Products

Manalo K9’s vision has always been bigger than only training dogs and providing K9 services. In 2010, Manalo K9 launched its first consumer product - a high-quality dog soap with benefits backed up by scientific research which Dr. Manalo first started developing in 2009 with his good friend Leo Natural, the owner of El Naturales Herbal Soap. Because it addressed and cured oft-ignored skin issues in dogs, our soap quickly became a favorite of many Manalo K9 clients. Since the launch of that first groundbreaking product, the Superdog Soap line has grown to 5 soaps - each with a unique composition addressing a specific issue in dogs’ health.

Our line of dog soaps was soon joined by our official Superdog Nutrition dog food. Unsatisfied with the different local and imported dog food available on the market that was chock-full of starchy ingredients, Dr. Manalo started developing what he hoped would be a better more superior product. And more superior it was. SDN has a complete and balanced formula that is sure to keep your dog healthy and happy for many years! Aside from dog soap and nutritional dog food, Manalo K9 has further supplemented the line of Superdog products with a talcum-free dog powder Superdog PowTech and our official Superdog leashes and collars. We put the same skill and focus that we put into our training and K9 teams into all our products, so we can ensure their quality and effectiveness.

Manalo K9 is dedicated to training and providing excellent dogs to make your lives safer and easier. Call (+632) 8647 1356 to talk to our team about how we can make that happen.