News 2019

FEBRUARY 23, 2019.                                                                                       

We started the year with a bang, bagging the National Consumers' Choice Annual Awards' HALL of FAME Award for Most Outstanding Pet Care Products and K9 Services Provider (National).                                                                 

Dr. Abel Manalo also received the HALL of FAME Achievement Award for ENTREPRENEURSHIP.                                                                                   

We are truly grateful to the NCCAA board for these recognitions!  The event venue was at the Diamond Hotel at Manila.  In the photo is Dr. & Mrs. Manalo and family with beauty queens Ms. Earth Air 2017, Nina Robertson, and Ms. World Australia 2019, Amber Dew. 


SUPERNETWORK!  We have been working on this since 2018, but it really has been many, many years in the making.  But we are finally about to launch the SuperNetwork by April 6, 2019.              

It is a reward system wherein members use an app to purchase discounted products and earn points from purchases of people they refer, as well as from their referrals upto the 7th level.  They also earn from the referrals itself.  The first of its' kind in the animal and security industry, this network marketing scheme will potentially impact thousands, even millions of people who can, in essence, be partners of Manalo K9 in business.                     

The app will also enable users to order items via debit or credit card payments.  Deliveries will also be available.

The Manalo K9 SuperNetwork was formally launched last April 6, 2019 (Saturday) at 7-10pm at Isdang Pulo Restaurant at Taytay Rizal. 

A new logo for the Manalo K9 SuperNetwork was presented.  The concept is a globe with the letters S and N inside it, garnished with arrows that face left, right, up, and down/ west, east, north and south, symbolizing the spread of influence and impact the system potentially has.  The colors are business blue and striking yellow.  The Manalo K9 logo can be seen as a shadow.  Design by Dr. Abel Manalo, digitization by Ms. Sandra Cutay.