News 2016


Manalo K9 is deeply honored to be chosen by Okada Manila to be their exclusive K9 security provider.  Okada Manila will have a soft opening at Dec. 21, 2016, and shall be the biggest and grandest integrated resort complex in Asia!


Manalo K9 was given the "BEST CANINE SECURITY PROVIDER of the Year" award last Oct. 24, 2016 by the Philippine National Police - Civil Security Group, the first time they have given such an award.  It is the most prestigious award any security organization can receive. 

Out of more than forty (40+) accredited K9 agencies nationwide, Manalo K9 is now recognized as the best there is.  


Criteria includes compliance with monthly disposition reports and all government requirements, participation and performance in K9 handler security crash courses and excellence in K9 team evaluations, other accomplishments and achievements, and overall performance as a security canine agency. 


We hate to even have to mention this, but we would like to note that we won the award fair and square.  It has always been out policy to do business with integrity, and any insinuations from some of our competitors that we somehow bribed PNP officials to get the award is malicious and baseless.  The only basis they may have is their own behavior, as bribing public officials to gain favor, such as by giving them cash "gifts" (especially during the Christmas season) is still rampant and even expected, in our society in general.  

Manalo K9 has NEVER bribed ANYONE to gain any sort of business favor.  The only guide we have is Romans 13: 1-7 of the Holy Scriptures, which states:


"Let every person be in subjection to the superior authorities, for there is no authority except by God; the existing authorities stand placed in their relative positions by God. 2  Therefore, whoever opposes the authority has taken a stand against the arrangement of God; those who have taken a stand against it will bring judgment against themselves. 3  For those rulers are an object of fear, not to the good deed, but to the bad. Do you want to be free of fear of the authority? Keep doing good, and you will have praise from it; 4  for it is God’s minister to you for your good. But if you are doing what is bad, be in fear, for it is not without purpose that it bears the sword. It is God’s minister, an avenger to express wrath* against the one practicing what is bad. 5  There is therefore compelling reason for you to be in subjection, not only on account of that wrath but also on account of your conscience. 6  That is why you are also paying taxes; for they are God’s public servants constantly serving this very purpose. 7  Render to all their dues: to the one who calls for the tax, the tax; to the one who calls for the tribute, the tribute; to the one who calls for fear, such fear; to the one who calls for honor, such honor."


We thank the whole PNP, especially CSG Director, General Dulay, for the award.  We are proud of the company we have built and the team of trainers, handlers, administrators, operations and marketing personnel who make up our organization.   Keep doing everything as to Jehovah and not only as to men.


Thank you and Congratulations!!!