Superdog Soap


(P150.00 Philippine SRP   /   US$6.95 USA SRP )

Hotspots, parasites, and generalized skin conditions would occasionally be a problem in the kennels at MANALO K9.  Dr. Abel Manalo tried out almost every soap and shampoo (dog and human use) available in the market in the pursuit of getting his dogs’ coats in the best condition. He was not satisfied.  Some products might be good, but not excellent. Some had ingredients that are toxic and are known to be harmful to dogs, especially in the long-run. 

Late 2009, he contacted his good friend Mr. Leo Natural, owner of El Natures Herbal Soap (the company that owns the Biolink soap brand and makes the Shopwise brand of soaps) to develop a solution.  They tried several ingredients and combinations which gave them varying success with the dogs, until they (MANALO K9’s and EL NATURES’ Research & Development Teams) finally came up with the best formulation possible, with optimal amounts of the best active ingredients a dog soap can possibly have.  This is what is inside Superdog Soap.  Tried and tested by MANALO K9 to be very effective on their Superdogs, and now by the numerous clients who have had the opportunity to use it on their own canine heroes!

Superdog Soap bars are green with orange cubes, they are hard, rectangular, solid cakes with the name "SUPERDOG" impressed on one side, individually wrapped in plastic to keep it protected from external moisture or drying.  One bar, when used to bathe a large dog 1-2x a week would last 2-3 months.

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INGREDIENTS (What's inside Superdog Soap)

At the herbal soap factory where Superdog Soap is made with the best ingredients by cold process. 


DISTRIBUTION (How to avail Superdog Soap)

With Buck Dikes, CEO of VCSi, during the signing of the Exclusive Distribution Agreement for the United States.


TESTIMONIALS (Real-life success stories from users)

Dutchie, a female Dutch Shepherd, one of the many dogs who have benefited greatly from using Superdog Soap.

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